SVG sprite in html


While using sprites with images is long been known, svg sprites build by another pattern. First of all build svg file with your svg images:

<svg xmlns="">
   <symbol id="briefcase" viewBox="0 0 8 8" fill-opacity=".7">
      <path d="M3 0c-.55 0-1 .45-1 1v1h-1.91c-.06 0-.09.04-.09.09v2.41c0 .
      0 .5-.22.5-.5v-2.41c0-.06-.04-.09-.09-.09h-1.91v-1c0-.55-.45-1-1-1h-2zm0 1h2v1h-2v-1zm-3
      4.91v2c0 . 0 .09-.04.09-.09v-2c-.16.06-.32.09-.5.09h-7c-.18 0-.34-.04-.5-.09z"/>
  <symbol id="people" viewBox="0 0 8 8" fill-opacity=".7">
    <path d="M5.5 0c-.51 0-.95.35- 1.28.72 2.13 0 .29-.03.55-.
    0 1.5-.9 1.5-2s-.67-2-1.5-2zm-3 1c-.83 0-1.5.9-1.5 2s.67 2 1.5 2 1.5-.9 1.5-2-.67-2-1.5-2zm4.75
    3.16c-.43.51-1.02.82- 1.34v.66h2v-1.66c0-.52-.31-.97-.75-1.19zm-6.5 1c-.44.22-.75.67-.75
  <symbol id="message" viewBox="0 0 8 8" fill-opacity=".7">
    <path d="M.09 0c-.06 0-.09.04-.09.09v5.81c0 . 2v-7.91c0-.06-.04-.09-.09-.09h-7.81z" />

Each symbol node is an svg icon with unique id. So this sprite is a svg image consist of several symbols that actually is another svg image each.

Next we should display one of the iamge, and it will be so easy with ids (compare to images and pixel shifting):

<svg width="16" height="16">
  <use href="./../../assets/image/icons.svg#briefcase"></use>

Now you should have you svg symbol with briefcase id


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