AWS SES setup

Simple Email Service (SES)

  • Login to AWS console as root user
  • Go to the Simple Email Service (SES) -> Domains
  • Verify a New Domain. Check Generate DKIM Settings checkbox.
  • Download CSV and carefully store DNS settings. Add your DNS records

Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Create Topic

  • Login to AWS console as root user
  • Go to the Simple Notification Service (SES) -> Topics
  • Create a topic
  • Choose Standard type, and put meaningful Name
  • In the Access policy make sure that only the owner of the topic can publish and subscribe to the topic

Create Subscription

  • Go to the Simple Notification Service (SES) -> Subscriptions
  • Create subscription
  • Choose Topic ARN that you created before, https protocol and endpoint with /ses/callback Uri
  • Make sure that Enable raw message delivery is disabled
  • In Delivery retry policy choose the optimal strategy

Confirm Subscription

  • On the list of Subscriptions choose one that was created and Request confirmation
  • The Endpoint that was chosen was hit
  • In server logs (Sentry?) find the request json
  • In message field you will find the instruction, e.g. To confirm the subscription, visit the SubscribeURL included in this message.
  • Follow url from SubscribeURL request field
  • The status of the subscription should be changed to confirmed imedeantly

Setup Notifications

  • Go to Amazon SES -> Domains -> YouDomain
  • In section Notifications press Edit Configuration
  • Choose a created SNS topic for all type of events (Bounces, Complaints etc.)

Get credentials

  • Go to Amazon IAM -> Users -> Add User
  • Set meaningful username and Programmatic access type
  • Attach AmazonSESFullAccess policy
  • Download credentials
  • Set up credentials by adding MAILER_DSN envirorment variable with next value ses+api://ACCESS_KEY_ID:SECRET_ACCESS_KEY@default?region=AWS_REGION
  • Be aware that keys must be url encoded (php -r "echo urlencode('KEY').PHP_EOL;")

Go out sendbox

New account placed in the Amazon SES sandbox. To move out follow the doc -


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